Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday School Post #10

It's Sunday and it's time to go back to our old chain of Sunday School posts. In these posts, I talk about what we are doing in the Catholic portion of our homeschooling adventure. You can see the link to each post HERE! November brought us All Saints Day and we had plenty of fun with our Saint Search Bingo Game from Illuminated Ink. I purchased 2 sets of these, to be able to play in large groups and also to have 2 sets of Saint stickers. We colored them and then put them on poker chips, since we have 2 sets we can also play Saint Memory too!
Last month, our Rockford Little Flowers group, that I lead, was chosen as the club of the month! Our girls got some fun gifts and were present on their website. It was a lot of fun to be part of something very important to us!
I have just started working on crafts for our Catholic Crafter night for Christmas & Advent. One thing I definitely wanted to do for the first time this year was the Jesse Tree. I bought this set from Do Small Things with Love. I was very disappointed at first with my purchase as it did not come with the accompanying scripture passages or anything at all, other than the ornaments. I went ahead and did the research and came up with a printable of my own so that the reading can be printed out and glued to the back of each ornament after they are colored and then they can be laminated. After all that work of course, the owner of the site sent out a pdf that she put together to go with the ornaments, so hopefully if you decide to buy it, you will get that right away and not 15 days later. The other thing you can do is google and you will find free printables, I am usually very good at that, but I wanted them ASAP so I could begin preparing everything. The pictures are incredibly cute on the ones I have and the download is instant.
Our little flowers group made rosary holders out of wood crosses found for 1.00 at the craft store and cup hooks found for several dollars at the hardware store. We recently added two hooks to the top of the cross to hold medals and we absolutely love this little add-on!
Do you have little ones learning to pray the rosary? Do a simple google search for a rosary coloring page that has the accurate amount of beads. Print out your paper and also print out a page with all the prayers typed out. Slip them back to back in a sheet protector and hand your child a dry-erase marker. As each prayer is said, the child will color in that bead and then flip the page to say the prayer along with you. This is a great way to keep their attention and help them learn.
Our latest craft is a set of Saint Dominoes that we are making on our own. I am making these so that the kids can learn feast days and even put them in order like a feast day calendar or alphabetically or play any number of games they can come up with while learning! Once these are complete, I will have a full DIY up on a Sunday School post in the future!
The newest store-bought game that has been added to our Catholic classroom is Church Windows, a fun card game for all ages!
We just found the perfect box for our Saint Dominoes and this box will also get a decoupage treatment that will be done by everyone, so that each person in the family will have a part in our game.
The newest Christian addition to our bookshelves is the Imagination Station books, which are an AWESOME alternative to the Magic Tree House series. I have no preference, as we have read every single MTH book, this is just a fun addition to our classroom! This is a great series for boys and girls and go ahead and read aloud to all ages and make it family fun time. I have recently found a Catholic alternative to these books written by a nun and I will share them with you next week after we get a chance to read a few and can share a proper review!
My youngest is working on an Altoid tin shrine that will be filled with saint peg dolls. He is working on this during his free time, so it's a slow process but he is having so much fun picking out which saints he wants represented in his pocket shrine.

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