Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Understanding History!

This week has been full of Dr. visits and more travel in the car, I honestly think that my kids must be using backpacks now more than ever! The one thing that my daughter cannot stand about the pediatric cardiac waiting room, is the tables and chairs are too tiny! They sit there for hours doing their school work and have to get creative in order to get comfortable. We are working our way through U.S. History this year and right now are reading a book about the Civil War, as I cannot always be with them, since I am in the testing rooms with the other kids, I have devised a plan that works for us all.

We are reading Guts & Glory The American Civil War by Ben Thompson and it's a great read. He has 2 books in the history series and I hope to discover more as we progress on. The boys are hooked on every word and Autumn loves the way he speaks right to kids with his prose and everyone just GETS it. I usually read aloud to Gabriel while he is having to stay still during tests or we are waiting on results or whatever else is going on and the other 2 work together or alone. I am in the process of making up a study guide to go along with this book, so that they can be looking for answers as they read and this way I can be sure they are truly reading and not just skimming! You can check out the study guide in progress HERE. 
Enjoy every minute my friends!

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