Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I have Internet!

I told you I would blog but I am not sure if I told you it would be spotty. I can go to Starbucks, but I prefer the local cafe's, I could sit at home and blog but I prefer to be on the go from morning until night. Please bear with me my friends!
The local café has been a favorite of mine for years and years now, this is where I like to unwind at the end of my day when in this city and alas it has no internet. It forces you to look up from you phone and take it all in, enjoy the atmosphere, talk to your neighbors and best of all just be. So at the moment, my Starbucks gold card sits gathering dust because this is where you will find me from 8 until close at 11. The wall has handmade pieces purchased from other areas of Mexico that make AMAZING décor items but are also for sale, I love to browse and at the end of my trip pick up the trinkets that I just cannot live without! If you are ever in Aguascalientes, head on over to Café Consentido for a cup on their terrace and just watch the town go by.
We are having an absolute blast travelling and exploring, we have been taking tours and all around just getting to know a city that we only scratched the surface of. It's amazing the things that you learn from people that truly have studied the history and culture of an area.
Our regular day to day lessons are going well but I honestly believe that they are picking up so much more just learning in the world around them and noticing the differences in cultures and such. It's amazing to see the wonder on their faces as they take it all in. Have you ever encountered that face that just makes you think...yup I'm doing something right here.
I'm in constant wonder at all the fruits, flowers and sun. There is so much of it all that I think I have a goofy smile on my face most of the time. We are truly in an enchanted wonderland. I almost wish that I had appreciated it so much more when I was a kid and would come every year but then I think that if I had, maybe I would have taken it for granted and not felt it necessary to return. So many things float through my mind as we explore and wander this new world. Our bus has taken us into a new city and that is why the internet is here for a bit. Not sure how long we will have it, but I will take it!
Enjoy every minute my friends! 
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