Monday, April 4, 2016

Menu Plan Monday!

I like to sit in my dining room with my morning tea and look at my wet bar, where I can see my little bit of Mexico splashing into my daily life. I cannot believe how long it has been since we have been there, the weeks flew by here and the months SAILED by there. Why does it ever have to end? So now I sit here doing the mundane tasks that are required of me as a responsible adult and they are no fun!
My Menu Plan for the Week:
Monday: Crock Pot Parmesan & Rosemary Pork Chops with Veggies and a Spinach Salad.
Tuesday: Homemade Pepperoni Pizza served with Carrot Sticks
Wednesday: Build Your Own Salad bar with Italian Vegetable Soup
Thursday: Steak Taco Bowls served with Chips & Salsa
Friday: Dinner out on our way to Archery!
I wanted to share a fun tip that I have shared several times before in previous years but felt it was time for an update! I have kids that not only eat a lot but love to sit in front of the fridge with the door open for what seems like hours and then just eat junk or whatever they can scrounge up. I decided in order to keep my family eating healthy and not throwing away moldy produce, I would prepare every grocery day. The middle shelf in the fridge holds a tray of to-go snacks that are perfect for everyone. I wash and chop everything and then put it in container and bags. The fridge tray gets filled at the beginning of the week and is replenished as needed. This week there are bags of carrots, celery, tomatoes and containers of ranch to go with them. There are jar salads and containers of Italian dressing to go with them, yogurt parfaits, boiled eggs and bags of grapes with strawberries and blackberries. The rules on fridge items are that everyone can grab what they like during snack times (in between meals) and they can only grab 2 items. I also have a basket that changes every few days or so that sits on the counter in the kitchen. This is full of snacks that don't need to be refrigerated and the rule here is just 1 a day. If they choose from the snap peas, pretzels, gold fish or cracker bag, then they can fill a small snack size Ziploc with some and those are found under the bag. The basket is also for snack time only and they must decide whether they want to pick that moments snack from the tray or the basket!
Enjoy every minute my friends! What are you eating?

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