Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Our Crafty Corner...

 The kids and I have been tucked away inside a lot this past week with the cold weather and rain oh and even some this really April or is this an elaborate April Fool's joke? While we have kept up with our reading and board game playing, we have still needed something to keep our hands busy and I figured we would try something out with what we had on hand. I grabbed a couple corks, a knife, eye screws, old magazines and some mod podge, then we were ready to create.
I cut the cork into 7 pieces (depends on how thick you want the pieces) and then let the kids screw in the eye screws into each cork and search through magazines for whatever they wanted on their corks. Optional items are markers and a circle hole punch to color the cork and make cutting easier but they are not necessary.
Some were colored and some were left blank but once the pictures were ready to be put on, they just needed a little modpodge first and then place the photo and then another coat over that. So simple and so fun! We had a blast trying to find pictures small enough and we had a few mistakes, which made the whole process even more fun! All in all, this could be done in no time or you can drag it out even longer! We had so much fun that the kids keep asking me to have some more wine so we can have some more corks! Hahaha! 
Enjoy every minute my friends!

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