Monday, April 4, 2016

Sunday School...But On A Monday! #12

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Yes, I am back and Yes, I have been neglecting this here blog! I am so sorry but I have just been so out of it that I needed to unwind and then get back into the groove of heavy scheduling! Being out of the country for a few months can really wreck your schedule, even if we were still doing school daily and keeping on top of everything. The biggest thing that seemed to be the game changer, was having zero internet for most of our trip. It was amazing to see just how reliant I am on something so simple and yet so unnecessary. Coming back has made me want to change a lot of things we do but I also need to find a happy medium. This post should have gone up yesterday but I am realizing that our weekends are still overscheduled! I do have a vacation update post coming that will hopefully post tomorrow or Wednesday!
Our Little Flowers Catholic Girls group meets for Wreath II tomorrow and we are ready to start this new round! The girls had an absolute blast learning everything last Wreath and I know that they are eager to begin again! The first thing I did to prepare for the wreath was to prepare our Memory Verse cards. I like to do this so the girls have them all in one place but also so that they can work on learning them anywhere they go!
Wreath I memory verse cards:
Wreath II memory verse cards:
These are the cards that I created, please feel free to use them for personal use, if you are reblogging or pinning, please give credit to my blog. For Wreath II, I shrunk them in my printer to make them cards but I created them bigger for a visual aid during the meeting.
These are our Wreath II Memory Verse cards. They still need to be laminated but we are running a bit behind schedule and I just wanted them done for the meeting. I will go back and do them in the coming days. I find that these verses also work well in our daily homeschool, so I print up some for my boys and we use them in our school as well!
I LOVE that I was able to find these totes at Family Christian for quite a steal! I bought one for each girl in my group and they can use them to transport their books, sash, bible and any miscellaneous items that we use on a regular basis. It's great to have it all in one place and they know just where it is on club day! Autumn hangs hers on a hook in her room, so there is never any confusion!
This is Autumn's bag with the pin that we made during the Getting To Know You meeting. This is a meeting that we hold before we begin learning anything. It is a preparation meeting where all the parents discuss our goals and possible field trips and the girls play Saint games and do crafts in order to get to know one another. Having the bible verses on a binder ring allow them to not only become portable but also allow them to be hung anywhere!
I wanted to share with you a fun game I was able to put together using the Behold Publications Little Flowers Wreath Stickers! I purchased wood discs from Michaels and painted them on both sides, then I put a sticker on each one and sealed it with mod podge. SIMPLE! Now these discs needed to be paired up with 2 of each virtue in 1 bag and they became the most beautiful and fun memory game.
How To Play:
1. Turn all discs on blank side
2. Make a Match
3. In order for that match to be your point, you must recite the memory verse or Saint that displays that virtue. If you choose to mention the saint, you must also share 1 fact of her life.
4. Girl with the most pairs wins and both win because they have learned so much more!
Here is one game tucked neatly into a small pouch to make them easy to tuck into a bag or purse! These embroidered pouches were made by my daughter in a class she took in Mexico. What a great gift for the Little Flowers in our group!

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