Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wednesdays are for Organizing!

Oh happy is the day when the office supplies comes out. I love to get the highlighters in a row, the pens in a rainbow of colors and the pencils sharpened just so. I enjoy getting file folders and labels, fun index cards and stickers, paperclips and pins, bands and tabs. Office supplies put me into an organizing coma and it was time for one, in fact is was long past time for a day like this. It was time to get organized for our county fair projects for 4H. We already have a lot of our books gone through, marked up and ready to create our exhibits but this was our day to get due dates, judging dates, supply lists and such all set.
The only place to hold a meeting like this is Starbucks. This is the perfect place for the kids to work and not be distracted AND get good treats while we are there too! I have 3 kids and each of the big kids is taking 11 projects and my youngest is taking 6. This makes for a lot of project books, glue sticks and poster boards! This day was spent labeling a file folder for each project, putting in any notes and sketches as well as project books. On the front of each folder we have half for due dates and the other half is for the list of items they will need for their display. On the back of the folder is a list of what is required for that project. 
As we were working and chatting, I starting reflecting on our second year of 4H and how excited we were starting out and how we still remain excited to this day. We have had so much fun getting involved in such an awesome club and even better we have learned so much. My husband has just signed on to coach a robotics team for the 4H this year and he is very excited for what this brings to him. He is a man that works 70+ hours a week and now he is adding this on too? That's just how much we believe and love this organization! Are you or your children or have you ever been a member of the 4-H?
Enjoy every minute my friends!

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